Welcome to our Art Gallery Page. We host many local artists in our location. The pieces  reflect many types of art from folk art to photography and can be on display for a limited time, so come on by and view our galleries!

February Featured Artist

Rick McAllister

T I have been honing my photographic interests and skills for over 45 years, matching my life journeys with creative paths that have taken me from an early interest in macro photography to candid portraits. Early efforts at lying in the grass and trying to capture break of day dew drops on blades of grass still inspire, as does capturing a moment with a model at the beach just before a great thunderstorm arrives. To work properly, taking a picture and working it through the editing process needs to be fun, and so it has remained for me. Having lived in such inspirational locations as Colorado Springs, Islamorada in the Florida Keys, and St. Augustine have and continue to provide some wonderful venues, as has the opportunity to travel. Every picture sends a message with the use of directed focus, sometimes with the use of color, sometimes with the use of light, and sometimes solely with the subject on its own. Some messages sing out. . .others are more subtle and obscure but there nonetheless.



A photo journey along the back roads of the South

While change has certainly become a part of our lives, with it comes the disappearance of pieces of our past. The landscape has changed and the heritage of those who worked the land and who created our traditions is now only visible on our back roads. They were times of hard work, of family strength, and of stories told on the porch at the end of the day. They were often dreams put into motion and then dashed by storms of mother nature and by storms of mankind. Once gone, they do not return and the stories that took place inside their walls seem to fade with every new generation. My hope is that these photographs will remind you that we didn’t just arrive here; it took years to plant the seeds and to protect our roots. Enjoy this journeyrick mcallister pic 2