We offer beer from the region and tastings of classic wines from across Georgia and the South.

Mix & Match a 6-Pack for $12.95

Jekyll Brewing – Hop Dang Diggity

Southern IPA / 6.7%ABV / 74 IBUs

Jekyll Brewing – Southern Session

Blonde Ale / 4.8%ABV / 25 IBUs

Jekyll Brewing – Big Creek

Kolsch / 6.4%ABV / 20 IBUs

Red Hare Brewing Company: Gangway IPA

American IPA / 6.2%ABV / 65 IBUs

Red Hare Brewing Company: Watership Brown Ale

American Brown Ale / 7.2%ABV / 45 IBUs

Red Hare Brewing Company: Cotton Tail

Pale Ale / 5.5%ABV / 37 IBUs

Red Hare Brewing Company: National Common

California Common / 5.5%ABV / 34 IBUs

Red Hare Brewing Company: Long Day Lager

Bohemian Style Lager / 4.98%ABV / 25 IBUs

Red Hare Brewing Company: Hasenpfeffer Octoberfest

Oktoberfest / 5.5%ABV / 20 IBUs

McKenzie’s Hard Cider – Black Cherry
Serrano Eye Patch Ale

American IPA / 6.2%ABV / 46 IBUs

Monday Night Brewing – Drafty Kilt

Scotch Ale / 7.2%ABV / 26 IBUs

Monday Night Brewing – Nerd Alert

Psudo Pilsner / 5.2%ABV / 22 IBUs

Monday Night Brewing – Eye Patch Ale
Monday Night Brewing – Blind Pirate

Double IPA / 8.2ABV / 85 IBUs

Red Wines

Pinot Noir – River’s Bend ($18 a bottle)

Off-dry & light-bodied. Pairs well with grilled salmon & pork.

Merlot – Horse Creek ($20 a bottle)

Medium-bodied Pairs well with lean red meats & heavy pasta.

Cabernet Sauvignon – Horse Creek ($20 a bottle)

Medium bodied red. Pairs well with ribeye steak.

Malbec – River’s Bend ($18 a bottle)

Young medium-bodied, slight oak. Pairs well with short ribs, steak & beet salad.

Sweet Lenoir – Mill Creek ($26 a bottle)

Sweet chilled red wine with hints of cherry.

Lenoir – Mill Creek ($26 a bottle)

Dry red with hints of cherry. Compares to a bolder Pinot Noir. Pairs well with filet.

Mountain Harvest Red Chambourcin -Crane Creek ($22 a bottle)

Crimson wine with a fruity aromatic & slight sweetness. Pairs well with dark chocolate and flavored dishes.

Fatboy Red – 3 Sisters ($24 a bottle)

Off-dry red blend with notes of black cherry and toasted honey. Pairs well with pork.

Lomanto – Mill Creek ($28 a bottle)

Off-dry and fruit-forward with hints of cherry.

White Wines

Blanc Du Bois – Vineyards at Mill Creek ($24 a bottle)

Light, crisp and refreshing white with notes of passionfruit & grapefruit. Pairs well with seasfood, spicy dishes, pork and light pasta.

Fatboy White Chardonnay – 3 Sisters ($22 a bottle)

Lightly oaked. Pairs well with shrimp, scallops & crab.

Chardonnay – Horse Creek ($18 a bottle)

Clear crisp medium-bodied. Pairs well with baked chicken & salmon.

Pinot Grigio – Horse Creek ($18 a bottle)

Dry white with hints of pineapple & citrus. Pairs well with seafood and chicken.

Enotah White – Crane Creek ($24 a bottle)

Chardonel grape barrel-aged in oak with hints of tropical fruit, apple and toasty butter.

Riesling – River’s Bend ($18 a bottle)

Semi-sweet white with aromas of apricot. Pairs well with spicy foods, BBQ & fried chicken.

Sweet Sally Catawba – Crane Creek ($20 a bottle)

Sweet white award-winning mild berry aroma balanced with the right amount of sweetness.

Rose' Wines

Fatboy Pink – 3 Sisters ($18 a bottle)

Semi-sweet rose’. Pairs well with fried chicken.

Mountain Harvest Blush – Crane Creek ($19 a bottle)

Light-bodied blush. Pairs well with salty finger-foods and cheeses.

Fruit Wines

Plum – Coursons ($18 a bottle)

Pear – Coursons ($18 a bottle)

Blushing Blonde – Mill Creek ($20 a bottle)

Sweet Soul – Mill Creek ($20 a bottle)

Midnight Blackberry – Currahee ($20 a bottle)

Ol’ Blue Blueberry – Currahee ($20 a bottle)

Sunset Strawberry – Currahee ($20 a bottle)

Sunrise Peach – Currahee ($20 a bottle)

Muscadine Wines

Blush – Coursons ($18 a bottle)

Beulah Red – Coursons ($18 a bottle)

Gran’s Best Ice-Style Dessert Wine – Coursons ($18 a bottle)

Red Muscadine – Coursons ($18 a bottle)

White Muscadine – Coursons ($18 a bottle)